Decision Support Toolset

MOMENTUM will develop new and enhanced tools for supporting decision and policy making with regards to new forms of mobility. The decision support toolset developed will tackle the needs of policy and decision makers and will be based on the outputs and capabilities of the new data analysis and modelling techniques developed during the project. All tools will be made available in the section below.

Technical report describing the workflow for the enhancement of existing transport simulation tools, integrating the new supply and demand models into state-of-the-art transport simulation frameworks.

Technical report describing the interactive toolset for the formulation of policy objectives and the assessment of the potential impact of alternative policy strategies with regards to new forms of mobility. The report includes associated documentation, such as the software requirements, the functional and technical designs and the user manual.

Report describing the collaborative policy assessment methodology developed to effectively use the new data, models, and tools produced by MOMENTUM. The methodology will be developed to allow local authorities to conduct a holistic evaluation of emerging mobility solutions, addressing local concerns and considering the impact on all stakeholders involved.