Work Package 2

Challenges and opportunities for transport planning and modelling

MOMENTUM report on the ‘challenges and opportunities for transport planning and modelling’ (Deliverable D2.1)


Specification of the MOMENTUM Test Cases

MOMENTUM report on the ‘Specification of the MOMENTUM Test cases’ (Deliverable D2.2)


Work Package 3

Data Inventory and Data Quality Assessment

MOMENTUM report on the ‘Data Inventory and Data Quality Assessment’ (Deliverable D3.1)


Methodologies and Algorithms for Mobility Data Analysis

This document describes the new data fusion and artificial intelligence algorithms developed for the extraction of the mobility pattens and travel choice behaviour drivers (Deliverable D.3.3)


Work Package 4

New Transport Modelling approaches for Emerging Mobility Solutions

The objective of this deliverable is to describe the models and algorithms developed to incorporate emerging mobility solutions into strategic transport models (Deliverable D4.1)


Open Repository of Demand and Supply Models and Algorithms for Emerging Mobility Solutions

The objective of this deliverable is to describe the MOMENTUM open repository, which contains the models and algorithms for emerging mobility solutions (Deliverable D4.2)


Work Package 5

Enhancement of Transport Simulation Frameworks with Models of Emerging Mobility Solutions

The general objective of this document is to design the integration framework of the demand and supply models developed in WP4 into state-of-the-art transport simulation software (Deliverable D5.1)


Interactive Decision Support Tool (preliminary description)

The document describes the functioning of the MOMENTUM Decision Support Tool, which is currently in the development stage (Deliverable D5.2). This document remains a preliminary deliverable until its review by the European Commission in 2022.


Implementation of the MOMENTUM Decision Support Toolset in Madrid, Thessaloniki, Leuven and Regensburg

The document describes the use of the DST in the four MOMENTUM cities. (Deliverable D5.3).


Work Package 6

Simulation of Emerging Mobility Solutions and Participatory Policy Assessment: Case Studies

 (Deliverable D6.2).


General documents

'MOMENTUM City Pool' Activity Description

The document describes the planned activities of the ‘MOMENTUM City Pool’ throughout the duration of the project.


Modelling Emerging Transport Solutions for Urban Mobility State-of-the-art and future challenges

MOMENTUM report on disruptive changes and smart mobility in the urban environment


Scientific Publications

Dynamic demand estimation on large scale networks using Principal Component Analysis: The case of non-existent or irrelevant historical estimates

Co-author: Constantinos Antoniou

A Multilevel Analysis on What is Common (and Not) Across the Cities When it Comes to Private Car-Ownership: Behavioural, Policy and Modelling Insights

Co-authors: Constantinos Antoniou & Santhanakrishnan Narayanan


Developing a Multilevel Decision Support Tool for Urban Mobility

Co-authors: Josep Maria Salanova, Georgia Ayfantopoulou, Evripidis Magkos, Zisis Maleas, Santhanakrishnan Narayanan, Constantinos Antoniou, Athina Tympakianaki, Ignacio Martin, Jenny Fajardo-Calderin