Decision-support tool attracted interest at CIVITAS Forum 2021

The ‚decision-support tool’ is the one of the stars of the MOMENTUM project, as it was presented in various webinars and events. Stakeholders at the CIVITAS Forum in Aachen, Germany, which took place from 20-21 October 2021, were also interested in the latest version of the tool. Maria José Rojo (POLIS Network) presented the tool, as well as a general outline of MOMENTUM in the framework of Session 2: ‘Increase your dynaxibility: planning for integrated and multimodal mobility systems’.

Since the tool is nearly finalised, a good overview of the different analysis capabilities was given. The latter includes the option to support with the preliminary transportation design (Level 1), extensive data-driven decision-systems (Level 2), as well comprehensive transport planning in the final stage (Level 3).

The presentation also caught the attention of Systematica, an Italy-based transport planning organisation, which invited POLIS to have a conversation about the MOMENTUM project.