MOMENTUM joint forces to provide you with e-learning experiences

Transport modelling is a task that requires significant training of tools, algorithms and data-collection methods. Even though MOMENTUM cannot provide stakeholders an extensive education on all these tasks, our project can still give you an introduction to ‘data-driven approaches to SUMP’. This is the name of the latest CIVITAS e-courses that was developed by MOMENTUM in cooperation with the Harmony and Sprout projects. Our shared e-course is available here and soon on the CIVITAS Learning Centre.

Whereas Harmony is committed to testing and implementing urban transport solutions for a more sustainable mobility, the Sprout project aimed to provide a new city-led innovative and data driven policy response to address the impacts of the emerging mobility patterns. Thus, all three projects are focusing on data-driven decision-making processes in the framework of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, which is reflected in the e-course.

What does the e-course offer to me?

The course starts with an introduction to all three projects and general information about data-driven approaches to transport planning. Harmony provides the student with an overview on the challenges of city logistics and an introduction to a freight simulator for planning urban freight, followed by a case study of Rotterdam.

Sprout on the other hand is focusing on the innovative aspects in mobility and the potential to plan for them. Similar to the MOMENTUM approach, Sprout tested the operational feasibility of new mobility solutions in six cities and test the deployment of the new solutions in pilots. In comparison to MOMENTUM, Sprout is focusing on other emerging mobility solutions for freight and passengers.

What can I learn about MOMENTUM?

If you are a regular follower of the MOMENTUM project, you will recognise the main topics of the project, such as an overview of emerging mobility solutions. The structure and utility of the decision-support tool, as well as the project results and main take-aways from the four cities.