TUM published new study that integrates transport modelling, operations research and game theory

The paper, which was published in Transport Research C as collaboration between MaaSLab and our project partner Technical University of Munich, is primarily focusing on modelling of regular and pre-planned trips of shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs). This pioneer study in integrating the fields of transport modelling, operations research and game theory, is highlighting the research on the interaction between road users and a shared autonomous vehicle operator. The publication, which was co-written by Santhanakrishnan Narayanan (TUM), Emmanouil Chaniotakis (MaaSLab) and Constantinos Antoniou, concludes that a a ridesharing shared autonomous vehicle system is better compared to a carsharing and a mixed system consisting of both, in terms of total system travel time, congestion levels, total vehicle kilometres travelled and vehicle requirements.

In case you would like to read the publication, we invite you to access the document here.