MOMENTUM Session – Urban Mobility Days ’20

Data-driven decision making tools for small and medium-sized cities

The session with the focus on data-driven decision making tools for small and medium-sized cities aims to answer the following question: How can data analysis be used as a tool to improve mobility and transport in cities?

The session will shed some light on these crucial issues drawing on the experience of the EU-funded SUITS project. Attendees will get familiar with efficient and cheap technologies to collect mobility data in urban areas and discover new ways sustainable mobility measures can be designed building on data collection.

Cities that have successfully tested the technologies and realised the benefits of the data collection technologies within the SUITS project will share their first-hand experience. Furthermore, the session will also feature contributions from the EU-funded WeCount and MOMENTUM projects.


  • Rodric Frederix, Transport & Mobility Leuven, MOMENTUM
  • Giovanni Maccani, Ideas for Change, WeCount
  • Miriam Pirra, Politecnico di Torino
  • Fotis K. Liotopoulos, SBOING

Moderated by Frederic Rudolph, Wuppertal Institut, SUITS