Presentation of Decision Support Tool to ‘City Pool’

MOMENTUM is inviting its City Pool, a group of selected partner cities that receive regular updates about the current state of play of the project, to participate in an exclusive demonstration of the decision support tool. This online calculator helps cities to compute the demand and supply of new mobility solutions for a specific area of the city. Currently, this system is under development. Thus, MOMENTUM would welcome the feedback from our City Pool members. Even though the one hour-long webinar will only be available for our partners and follower cities, a summary will be published as a news item on our homepage.

This interactive webinar to present our decision support tool will take place on 22 April, 2-3pm, and will provide an opportunity to understand the system to calculate transport demand and impacts of new mobility options. The online event, will explain the tool and give plenty of opportunities for our City Pool members to provide feedback. This cooperation will help our team of experts at CERTH to further enhance the tool – a real win-win situation!

Once the demonstrated tool is finalised, it will enhance the decision-making of cities to determine the optimal amount of mobility solutions, such as shared bikes or shared cars, which are necessary to satisfy the demand. This can be done by feeding the tool with the selected mobility option and city-specific information, which is then exploited by the tool.

Draft Agenda:

  • Brief Introduction of the MOMENTUM Project
  • Demonstration of the MOMENTUM ‘Decision Support Tool’
  • Free Trial of the Tool by Attendees
  • Open Discussion About its Utility