Remote meeting instead of Regensburg

As the first year of the project came to its end, the MOMENTUM partners planned to meet in the German city of Regensburg. Instead of enjoying the great hospitality of the Bavarian city with its UNESCO World Heritage city centre, the COVID-19 crisis forced the MOMENTUM consortium to gather online, holding a virtual meeting on the 19th and 20th of May 2020.

The coronavirus did not only influence the meeting modality but was also an underlying topic in all presentations of the four project cities of Thessaloniki, Madrid, Leuven and Regensburg. The four city partners were given extensive time to present the recent developments of their case studies, emphasising the selection of data sources which will help to simulate the mobility patterns for emerging mobility solutions.  

Even though concrete first assessments of the COVID-19 cannot be made yet, many partners can count on a variety of data sets. Leuven can rely on the Telraam-project, which developed an integrated application based on low-cost hardware and a public online platform allowing citizens to perform traffic counts. Additionally, Thessaloniki has the clear advantage of having another project partner next door. Since CERTH is also located in the Greek city, a lot of institutional knowledge about traffic data can be used.  

Further topics included the exchange of ideas about the communication of future project results and more technical discussions related to the modelling of emerging transport solutions and the next steps for the toolset used to support the modelling efforts.  

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