1st Thessaloniki workshop was win-win-scenario

Recently, the first online stakeholders’ workshop took place in Thessaloniki. The two-hour long event, which was attended by representatives from the city administration, as well as local stakeholders from Thessaloniki and its surroundings, was opened by Georgia Ayfantopoulou, Deputy Director of CERTH-HIT. She emphasised that decision-support tool is an efficient way to calculate costs and efforts of deploying various types of (emerging) mobility solutions.

After a short introduction round, which gave the audience first opportunities to engage with the experts, Josep Maria Salanova Grau, researcher of CERTH-HIT, explained the intricacies of the tool, including the different levels of the support tool, which are namely:

  • Level 1: City has no transport model of the city or any mobility dataset
  • Level 2: City has no transport model of the city, but a comprehensive mobility data set
  • Level 3: City has a detailed transport model of the city with highly granular mobility data

The explanation of the tool was followed by a demonstration during which calculation related to a bike-sharing, taxi-ride-sharing and an on-demand system were made. The interesting demonstration was followed by an open exchange, framed around the following three questions:

  1. What questions would they like from the tool to answer?
  2. If the presentation of the results is understandable?
  3. If the indicators are appropriate?

Overall, the local event was considered as a win-win scenario, as MOMENTUM experts also received valuable feedback.