A new framework to enable strategic transport planning

The general objective of the deliverable 5.1 ‘ Enhancement of Transport Simulation Frameworks with Models of Emerging Mobility Solutions‘ is to integrate the demand and supply models developed in WP4 into state-of-the-art transport simulation frameworks to enable strategic planning and assessment of emerging mobility solutions. Thus, the deliverable provides recommendations and guidelines for the calibration and validation of the supply- and demand-models.

The main outcomes of the deliverable are an integrated transport simulation framework, consisting of the models developed in W4 in previous stages of the project that combine principles of agent-based modelling approach and traditional strategic transport models. The integrated framework provides the opportunity for cities to evaluate and integrate shared mobility systems and design long-term planning strategies. Furthermore, it provides a detailed description of the interaction workflow between the different models as well as information regarding the type of input and output data for each model, programming language used, and software requirements.

You can download the entire deliverable here.