Interview series: What are our technical partners doing?

The four MOMENTUM cities of Thessaloniki, Leuven, Regensburg and Madrid are the testing grounds for the project, as they deliver the real-world examples. Most examples of the everyday work of our city partners are relatively tangible. MOMENTUM has another layer of experts that are also playing a very significant role in EU-funded project: the technical partners. They design, programme and build the tools that the cities are testing, they gather, analyse and evaluate datasets and provide support to the cities in the framework of the MOMENTUM project and beyond. As some of their work is very technical and as some operate behind the scenes, MOMENTUM wanted to learn more about their work.

Thus, an interview series with four partners was launched. Deusto University, Technical University München, NOMMON and CERTH were the interview partners, who spoke about data acquisition, algorithms, decision-support tools and other essential work that weaves the fabric, which keeps this amazing project together. The idea for the interviews were based on our experience during the MOMENTUM Mid-Term Webinar. After the 90 minute-long presentation, attendees highlighted the interest to learn more about the technically complex topics in plain English. The result are these four interviews.

Javier Burrieza (NOMMON)

Antonio Masegusa (DEUSTO)

Santhanakrishnan Narayanan (TUM)

Georgia Ayfantopoulou (CERTH)