Progress of decision-support tool presented to city pool

What are the decisive factors to set up a bus line or to install a bike-sharing scheme in a new neighbourhood? Decisions concerning investments into transport infrastructure can be lengthy processes that involve many months of planning and costly feasibility studies. These decisions are especially difficult, if new and emerging mobility solutions (like sharing bikes) are involved. MOMENTUM is developing an online tool that supports these decision-making processes. The latest version was presented to the MOMENTUM city pool last week.

Around a dozen interested stakeholders listened to Josep Maria Salanova Grau, lead developer from CERTH Thessaloniki and project partner of MOMENTUM. Since the first versions of the calculator were presented several months ago, the tool grew. During each feedback iteration from partners and external interest groups, new features are added.

During the 60min webinar, example calculations for various modes of transport, such as shared bikes, taxis and bus routes, were presented. The audience was positively surprised by the features, which include sample calculations for the average cost of operation for bike schemes or a detailed analysis to determine the ideal amount of bus stops to serve a wider community of a suburb.

Since the mentioned tool is still in development, a detailed presentation cannot be shared. Once new features are added in the upcoming months, further invitations for presentations will follow.